Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visa to Paris and Berlin

Tomorrow I shall receive my passport with visa to Europe. It will be good to see friends again, always briefly because they will be tied up with their daily routines of work and obligations at home and all that goes with a finite work day. For me time will be more limpid, since I will be the traveller at home in the cities I visit on work. These cities have their own euphoria, with their patterns of events, the certitude of their inhabitants, each impervious to the tourist or guest, expressing distaste for vagrancy, but politely welcoming the stranger, who looks at the city with awe. Each one of us in a new city, entranced by the sights and sounds, the stacatto beat of heels on the tarmac, as people rush to work, busy with their lives, We, as occasional performers build up energy for that one performance, repeated according to invitation, differently each time, choreographing theory with embellishments of our interpretation, keeping aside the penumbra of memory, as we polish away at our public performances. Is thier an audience? One imagines one, as a decade of data collection now crystallises into the evanescent moment of presentation.

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