Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring in Paris

I have been here for a week now! When  I came here on 'th March there was a stagnant grey sky which frightened me, no bird song, and time seemed still.
Two days after my arrival, the sun came out; and that was wonderful: shadows of birds fleeted past the wall outside my lovely room, which overlooks sturdy wild roses and peasant houses from the 19th century. My lectures went well, and I got to spend Chinese New Year with Bruce and Adele and twenty of their writerly friends at a Chinese restaurant on Rue Strasbourg.

Geetha, who is my host at the university, set up my kitchen for me, so I was without anxiety! I spend most of my time when not writing a new novel, at the Notre Dame, soaking in the light of the glass windows which have been around to fire the imagination since the 12th century in some aspect.