Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Leave Travel Concession 23.6.2009 Kerala


Sun gleams
on the lustre of
with traceries of veins
and rain falls
edging off dewdrops
falling like a
pearl singly on the earth
anodyne of leaves
stained red
by age and sunlight
flat as a palm
hammered by light
hanging close
in a garden
beyond the span of my desire
rimmed by the river
moss green
crammed with washed
where fish swim
in the light of bright
black wing of crow
hurries past my window
without cawing
lunch time is past
No rice balls
came his way
Dear ancestor
when was it
you ate last?
Two squirrels
at my window wall
racing one another
seemingly at cross purposes
intention to mate
by the drizzle.

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