Thursday, September 15, 2011

Internet and its Accessories

The interesting thing about the internet is that there is a huge population of bored people out there, who legitimately or illegitimately get into all your stuff. They do this because they think they are working for the State, or against the State, for the Nation, for Community, for one's base self or another''s a little like the wolf who wishes to eat the lamb, and tarries for a bit, giving reasons, but then the narrator of the story knows that the reasons are immaterial, for the lamb will be eaten.
For just this reason, I get quite perplexed when I am asked to review something or offer an opinion on the bases of total confidentiality, and ofcourse I am completely convinced that this confidentiality is a ruse by which those in power think that thier iron gates are up, and are spiked!
Ideological differences are ofcourse the newest form of the new Luddites. They essentially believe that they are the gatekeepers to ideas, but the internet makes sure that any view of theft or claims to originality are already placed in the chronology of internet archiving.

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