Monday, December 26, 2011

Radius two kilometres

The sun was out this afternoon, and having been holed up all week with a bad cold, and the waterpipes in the upstairs bathrooms all pulled out and the new ones put back in, and cold wet cement leaching the warmth of the house, it was just great to go for a walk. The purple and red bougaenvillae were out, so was the sun. The four kilometre walk took two and a half hours, and it was good to have the road to myself for long stretches. When I hear the silence in JNU I realise that somewhere somehow I worked very hard to get back here. Sure, I lost a lot, too, by leaving my home in Patparganj with the children twelve years ago, but then...the open sky and the empty road, with the occasional parrot eating berries noisily, extravagantly with lots of ber wastage, just because there is flagrant amounts growing in the tree....I ought to disapprove of that parrot, but then the ants will enjoy the ones he dropped half eaten tomorrow. Nature doesnt have a sense of propriety when its happy, it just spins over and does odd things. That's what I feel in the cosmos when the sky meets the earth. Everyone is poor and hungry and the sky careless of its emptyness.

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