Saturday, June 2, 2012

Forty Five degrees Centigrade

I went out once this week to meet my editor at Roli Books, since Nelycinda goes to press this week. There was a Bandh, which I had forgotten about, the streets were pretty deserted, and I had to stop to get a cold drink, and as we careened along in the heat, a motorcyclist kicked a helmet lying on the tarmac into our path. Luckily we didn't keel over, but the driver was pretty shaken. These things happen in Delhi.
The cover of the new book is quite brilliant, amazing absolutely. I like Roli for this reason that they always want the author's opinion on the cover. I didn't need to go to check it, as they send it on email for me to look at, and actually my reason for going was that whenever I have a new book out, I choose a book from their collection of Art books. This time I got a lovely volume of Waterhouse paintings, by Peter Trippi, published by Phaidon. It was worth risking my life to go get it. The interesting thing about that genre is the nature culture link, romantic but very detailed.

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