Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mass Euphoria

Watching T.V, it looks like aam aadmi against aam admi, since all the citizens are complaining against each other...bribery and corruption is about not getting seats in medical college, or death certificates, being caged in by the  officers of the state. And who is the State? Why, the problem is not about catching the big guys, because that has been well in process for a while...the activists rubbed shoulders in the food queue for a brief moment with Kalmadi...but it is how the movement will catch all the cogs in the wheel who speak on behalf of the State. To confuse political party with the State is a problem indeed. The marvellous thing about democracy is the right to protest, and the right to be heard. If the Prime minister's office is to be under surveillance, why should the Prime minister have a problem? I am sure everything will be settled amicably and the standing committee will include this aspect in it's bill. That's optimism for you, since the actual close watching by everyone equally, bring us to the next phase of Orwell's Utopia.

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