Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reading Marx

The first chapter of German Ideology has interesting statements about the history of human beings in terms of their relation to Nature, and their relation to one another. Structures become activated by these two things, and what Marx communicates most clearly is that the relationship to things is what makes people different from one another. Will a technological imagination mean that people who have these become dead to agricultural time and agricultural practises? It really is very odd...because the earth diminishes then into a space where metal, glass mortar and concrete are sufficient. It really is like Creon's world, everything is metal. When the earth is blasted from this preoccupation of tangible metal things, then the colonisation of other  extra-terrestrial spaces will become more acceptable. Those who inherit the earth are probably the ones who feel nostalgic for the last blade of grass, the last drop of gleaming water. Good luck to all of us who are content with that! And there are many.

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