Monday, February 6, 2012

Corrections of previous notes with a new trip to Kalpathy in November 2011

This trip I got completely new stories from Kalpathy. I actually got to see the lingam inside the temple, standing at the edge of the courtyard. Previous accounts said that it was the pillar, with its scraped off inscriptions, and I was quite baffled. How could she have carried it, that widow from Kalpathy visiting Benaras? The descendant of that Pallakad Raja who gave her permission to install it, said to me, "You can come and see the lingam in the sanctum" I refused, fearing all the reprisals that might follow, but he said "You can stand here on the edge of the slab, if you dont want to come into the inner courtyard. And you will see what you will see." What I saw was a St Thomas Cross. I was quite startled, but later my friend Tara said what I saw was a trikonam. What is interesting is that in 2009 the idea that the inscription stone was the lingam was communicated to me quite strongly and clearly, and on this trip in the fervour of festival time, when all are allowed entry, the lingam appears so vividly to me in the language of my own religious instinct.

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