Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sattal conference on ecreativity

It was amazing, up in the hills. There were wild yellow flowere in all the rock crevices, and the number of birds singing in the morning were many, all at once. The ancient Paleolithic rockculture was very much on the surface, and the artists and musicians who gathered were versatile with computers as they influenced their work. I was away for just three days, but felt that the conference brought our many different cultures together for a small span of time, but connected us in strangely mythic ways. the conferenceon internet and music has now been happening every year for the purpose of networking between similar intellects which are marked by their different standpoints. It takes place in the Christian Ashram of the Sattal estate made famous by Stanley Jones, a Gandhian of great theological repute. Imagine singers, dancers, photographers, visual artists all getting together to express that the world was represented through the heart and mind and will, regardless of religious belief or because of it. I loved being there, turn up every year, though I presented only once in 2009 on "Shakespeare and the Sonnets". After everyone left, I stayed on one more day, to soak in the silence of the ashram, without too many people around, and found that the founder Stanley Jones had left his materials for analyses in a time capsule which can be opened only in 2030. I will be then 74 years old, and yet one of the dancers at the conference on ecreativity Maida Withers, Professor of Dance from Washington D.C was 74 years old, so I guess, its possible I might come back to Sattal to look at the papers and diaries and letters when I am older. Who knows? I bought some lovely Sattal honey to eat on toast, delighted to be back home.

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